5 good reasons why you should study abroad

A big shout-out to one of our Finalists, Sherri Rastegar, who studied last semester at Hong Kong, and has, in the process, become a big advocate for studying abroad. Read for yourself what Sherri has to say, and give her a follow on her blog?

S h e r r ! d e n


Last year I took a leap of faith and decided to study abroad for autumn semester of my final year. I chose to study at The University of Hong Kong (HKU) and I can honestly say it was of the best decisions I have ever made.

So here are my five reasons why you should do the same.

1. Step out of your comfort zone


You should always push yourself outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to try new things. Sometimes it isn’t the easiest thing to do but in the end it is definitely worth it. Studying abroad allows you to immerse yourself in a completely different culture and enables you to learn and try new things from first hand experience.

2. Study from a new perspective

My time at HKU allowed me to learn in a new way that I might not have had the chance to…

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