The end of the country house as we know it? Thoresby Hall, Hardwick Hall and Alton Towers and the legacy of WWII

Showcasing staff research @nottsarthistory: @gabrieleneher returns to thinking about Thoresby


Alton Towers is probably not something you would expect to find mentioned in a blog devoted to Renaissance issues and written by a Renaissance art historian, but bear with me on this one. Because what interests me about Alton Towers is less it’s incarnation as one of Merlin Group’s most successful theme parks ( Wikipedia suggests that Alton Towers is one of the most popular entertainment venues not Just in the UK but in Europe) , but rather Alton Towers’origins as one of the homes of the Earl of Shrewsbury. I have written elsewhere on Alton Tower’s theme park incarnation, but for this particular piece, I am concerned with the hall and especially decisions made by the family about the fortunes of a building that ceased to serve a function as a place of habitation.

On the roof of Hardwick Hall On the roof of Hardwick Hall

Once you make the connection as one of a…

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