A mentor’s perspective

Being a Mentor this last academic year (2012/13) was a great experience, I really enjoyed the initial stages of getting to know my mentees and gauging how much they needed my help, or not. Mentoring not only helped my mentees but also helped me. It was really useful to go over the basics with my mentees and become refreshed in the best techniques/ ways of doing things. I feel like I have made quite an impact on my mentees, one realising that she didn’t really need my help and the other blossoming from it. It has been really rewarding to watch my mentees go from nervous freshers, filled with questions, to confident students who I am sure will excel in their second and final years. The mentoring scheme is really worth while doing as it enables you to give back to the department and to fellow students. I also feel that it is an effective way to integrate with other year groups.

Overall I really enjoyed mentoring this year and plan to continue next year while I undertake my Masters at Nottingham!

Charlotte Noakes-Robinson (incoming Senior Mentor for 2013/14)Image


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