Reflections on being a mentor- Naomi Rickards


The first term has gone by really fast again, as I feared it would! Both the buddies that have been assigned to me seem to have been getting on really well. I check in with them from time to time via Facebook and text message, but each time that I have they’ve both been confident in what they’ve been doing. With assignments being returned and exams coming up I am expecting that they might need me a little more, but until January approaches I am going to take a step back I think and let them work through things. I think they’re both making good use of the scheme, as the feeling that I’ve got from speaking to them is that they’re taking responsibility for their work but know that I am here if they need guidance, which one buddy did expect to happen at some point soon. All in all it’s great to know they’re doing well and I hope that if they do need me more in January I’ll be able to help them out a bit more!

Naomi Rickards


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