How to get the most out of being at Nottingham- an Introduction to the Digital Humanities Centre

Art history is an incredibly rich and diverse subject that lends itself to the use of all digital media. In the Humanities Building we are lucky to have a unique facility which enables students to explore their subject through some of this media using high end graphics equipment and software. The Digital Humanities Centre (DHC) has seven bookable workstations each with its own unique Humanities themed name and digital capability.

Once booked onto one of the workstations in this fantastic resource, a budding Art Historian might, for instance create digital images for research using one of the scanners or the camera and copy stand, the images could then be manipulated using graphic software such as Photoshop (which all of the workstations have) ready to enhance an essay or presentation. You could create your own digital content using Adobe InDesign or Illustrator. You could request the video camera, shoot and edit your own movie, practice your presentations using the plasma screen or a lap top and digital projector. You may want to peruse the 80,000 strong 35mm fine arts slide collection built up by Art Historians over decades, and if you find any that you like you can digitize them using our slide scanner!

The DHC is also a hive of activity where you will always find DHC manager Matt Davies or one of our student volunteers on hand to help. There have been a number of projects just in the last year including an art installation (by resident artist Theresa Caruana) a Christmas slide show, an open day in which visitors were turned into Roman soldiers, the odd movie screening, and occasionally the 3D scanner is wheeled out (by strict appointment only!) and has even scanned -amongst many other things- a 30ft Kayak!

To find out more about the DHC facilities or to book a workstation go to:

Or join our Facebook page to keep in the know about events and even tutorial sessions (last year we had tutorials from trained professionals on adobe Photoshop, InDesign and illustrator).

Failing that just drop in and chat to Matt or one of the DHC volunteers!

Emma Hardiman- mentor and DHC Volunteer


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