Art History Buddy Scheme- Meet the Mentors 14!

Hi, I’m Rachel Tait, a third year single honours Art History student at UoN. I want to pass on my experience at university to some of you newbies and show you how great Art History is at Nottingham.

I love my degree and the areas I’ve covered have only spurred my interest particularly in 20th Century art which I hope to use in the future.  Starting university is a really exciting time, but with it come lots of questions and that’s why I’m here. I know when I first started I appreciated help with little things such as ‘how do I use the photocopier?’ which really make a difference to your confidence in those first few weeks.

I’m looking forward to being a mentor and want to encourage anyone to ask me anything, no matter how stupid it may sound because I can guarantee that I had those same questions in my first year. It can be scary going to your tutor for help when you don’t know them, and personally I love talking to new people! University life goes so quickly so don’t waste time pondering, just come and ask me instead!

See you all soon!!


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