Art History Buddy Scheme- Meet the Mentors 10!


Hey, I’m Emily Kerrison, Joint Honours student reading History and Art History, going into my third and final year, crunch time! So I’ve decided, that it’s time to put my two years of experience at Nottingham towards helping you first years find your feet – however much of a cliche it may be.

Being a Joint Honours student can make first year appear more complicated, with clashing timetables, sprints across campus, and two departments to find your feet in, and I must admit, it took my a minute or two to work out what I was doing. So I want to ensure, by partaking in the buddying scheme, that from day one you can see how both elements of your degree compliment each other, and can actually work together to make you stronger and more individual student in each of your chosen subjects. However, as I expect most of you are single honours students, I’m also just as excited to welcome you to the Art History department, show you round, and introduce you to the opportunities on offer, because its not simply about lectures and seminars, Uni is about meeting people and getting involved.

My time as a student at Nottingham hasn’t always been clean sailing, and it’s taken me time and effort to find a style of studying and organisation which best suits me. I want to help give each student the means to find their comfort zone in their first year, so that you can focus on what really matters, getting the best degree you can, and getting the most out of your time in Nottingham, because it’s brilliant here. Your degree is personal, and about finding out what most interests you, and this is the fun part. – Getting your teeth really stuck into a certain area, movement, event or period, and finding out what the department has to offer for you.

So really, I guess I am to be here to get you grounded, so you can enjoy each opportunity the department has to offer. Make the most of the degree you’ve worked so hard to get on to. And have a good time while doing it!

Welcome to Nottingham! See you in September!


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