Art History Buddy Scheme- Meet the Mentors 8!


Hi, I am Joanna Moore, and I’m looking forward to being part of the mentor programme this year in order to gain invaluable experiences with other areas of university life, and to share the lessons I’ve learnt here in order to hopefully help other students, especially those in their first year. During my time at university I’ve learnt that preparation and organisation is the best way to build yourself up for good results. I have found methods to conquer my dyslexia by creating reading and revision aids to make processing and remembering information easier, and therefore exams and coursework easier too. I think finding your own way of learning can make you a lot more confident in you own abilities, and hopefully through my own knowledge of this I can help other students in doing this and achieving their best also.
I have also been through some stressful situations at university, and know how tough it can be dealing with issues away from home. From my own experience I feel I can help reassure other students on how to carry on and make the most of the time at university. And yes, veryone says it, but it really is such an amazing time of your life and it flies by far too quickly!


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