Art History Buddy Scheme- Meet the Mentors 4!

ImageMy name is Kate Hristova.

I’m going to be a second year Art History student starting in September and I really enjoy what we’ve been doing so far in the degree.  The main reason I want to be part of the buddy scheme is that I want to aid new students to adapt to being in a University environment. I remember that last year I would have loved having someone there to help me with this transition. Since I have a younger sister I am aware of the importance guidance has, especially from a peer.

I come from Bulgaria and being one of the few non-UK, international students on the degree programme and within the department of Art History  has its drawbacks. Luckily, I came from an English speaking environment, so language was not a problem. However, due to the fact that I come from an American school and having been communicating mostly with Americans for the past 5 years, I had some trouble adjusting to the culture here in the UK and even some regional accents! Academically, I was truly lucky to have been familiarised with the whole plagiarism thing beforehand in high school (coming from a really strict school has its perks) because otherwise I would have been so confused and I believe that most of us needed someone to be there in moments like this when you have no idea what you are doing and feeling your way, rising to new challenges and undertaking new and unfamiliar tasks,  yet asking your tutor for the tenth time makes you feel uncomfortable.

That’s why I think that being part of thebuddy scheme offers a wonderful opportunity for both the mentors, as we will grow through the year and gain experience and for the students, who would benefit by having someone their age helping them out with practical skills and act as mentors through part of their first year.  What I’m hoping to get out this is mostly experience in mentoring.

Other than that, I am interested in all kinds of art. The aspect of art I love to explore most is how a particular artwork fits in a culture and how it mirrors it, which basically means that I simply love exploring various historical periods fully – from philosophy and literature to politics and religion.


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