Art History Buddy Scheme- Meet the Mentors 3!


Hey, I am Beth Staves and in September I will be back in Nottingham starting my 3rd year studying Art History. I have truly loved the course thus far and I am very excited to start 3rd year, particularly because all the modules I have chosen are based on older art, from the Renaissance right up to the 19th century, which is where my artistic preference lies. The mentoring scheme really appealed to me as I feel it is a great way to support new art history students at the university. As the first few weeks of university can be a bit of a whirlwind I feel that the buddy scheme can make life a lot easier for new students and that is what I really hope to do. I also want to be able to answer students’ questions throughout the year as I know that during my first year I had many questions that I would have loved to ask an older student or mentor. I am really excited for the scheme to get under way and I am looking forward to meeting everyone in September


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